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Tennis courts

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In Center Vintgar, we offer 3 outdoor and 2 indoor tennis courts for you to choose from. Outdoor sand courts are tested by top tennis players and prepared under the watchful eye of an international tennis referee who works at Grand Slams, Masters, and other ATP, WTA, and ITF events worldwide. The indoor playgrounds are on a carpet with granulation, which imitates the grip on the sand.

We follow ITF standards in all respects – in the flooring, lighting, and indoor temperature, as the hall is continuously cooled to a temperature between 16-19°C. Only in this way can we ensure top conditions for your play.

If you are not yet skilled in the game of tennis, we also offer the option of tennis school for beginners.


Choose the court you want to play on.

ITF standards

Play where the best playing conditions are.

Top flooring

The courts are regularly inspected and maintained.


We provide lighting on all courts.

Tennis lessons

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Tennis courts for winners

that enable professional play and bring out only the best in you

Both outdoor and indoor tennis courts are constantly maintained to be in the best possible condition and at the level of all standards. Reserve the tennis court on the desired date today and experience the quality.

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When can I book a tennis court?

You can book tennis courts anytime.

How do I book a tennis court?

You can book a tennis court by visiting the linksand elect the desired date, enter your information (if you are not yet registered and logged in), name your teammate and select a ticket.

You can also book a court on the spot at the Center Vintgar reception or by calling us.

How do I pay for the booking?

The reservation payment depends on the type of booking.

Payments are made on the spot if you have reserved the tennis court either by calling or in person at our reception. You can pay with cash or a card.

It is also possible to pay with cash or cards on the spot if you have booked the tennis court through our website. However, this booking method also offers payment with a PayPal account.

Is there a weekly limit to booking the tennis courts?

The restriction on visiting the tennis courts in Center Vintgar depends on the type of ticket purchased.

Season ticket holders can book a maximum of 2 courts per week.

Season ticket holders with a fixed date set 1 date per week in advance.

If you are not a season ticket holder, you can visit the tennis courts of the Center Vintgar at any time, but you must pay for each visit.

Can I become a member?

Yes, you become a member of Center Vintgar by purchasing any season ticket.

Is it possible to buy or rent tennis equipment on the spot?

Yes, at Center Vintgar, we offer the possibility of renting and buying new equipment and services such as stringing rackets, etc.

How do I sign up for tennis training?

Sign up for tennis training by contacting us.

Are there tennis tournaments in Center Vintgar?

Yes, there are tennis tournaments organized at Center Vintgar. Follow us on social media for more info.

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